• Animal Elements Poochie Hooch

    Animal Elements Poochie Hooch 16 essential vitamins and minerals that is easily consumed and fast acting, to help restore your best friend’s CoQ10 healthy levels.
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  • Animal Elements Wire-2-Wire

    Wire-2-Wire is nothing short of a horse racing revolution! Run - Recover - Repeat. 32 vital vitamins and minerals to promote wellness and longevity.
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  • Animal Elements - The Difference

    CoQ10 - The Animal Elements Difference CoQ10 helps to promote better cardiovascular health, increased energy, improved immune system, plus other beneficial effects.
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Health - Happiness - Longevity

logosmAnimal Elements is dedicated to developing products to help improve the health, happiness, and longevity of animals, including humans.  Animal Elements signature product, Animal Elements Poochie Hooch is a 16 vitamin and and mineral formula with CoQ10 that promotes the health and wellness of your best friend, your dog. By including CoQ10 in addition to 16 essential vitamins and minerals that your dog needs, CoQ10 has the added benefit of having been shown to prevent heart and gum disease as well as promote athleticism and longevity in dogs.  Best of all Animal Elements Poochie Hooch is easy to give to your pet as quick-dissolving powder that dissolves readily in food or water! 

In addition to dogs, Animal Elements is revolutionizing supplements for horses and humans.  Our Wire-2-Wire product is nothing short of a horse racing revolution. Wire-2-Wire is a safe, legal way, to increase the health, longevity, and performance of horses. Our Wire-2-Wire horse supplement is a combination of 32 vital vitamins and minerals, and CoQ10, that is completely legal, and will allow your horse to be healthier, train harder, and get stronger, faster.

For more information on Wire-2-Wire please visit our dedicated Wire-2-Wire website. Look for our newest equine supplement product - Lineage, formulated to promote male fertility and overall health for studding, and female egg quality, overall health during pregnancy, and optimal gestation, coming soon!


And since we love our four legged friends, we also want to help their owners!  Our flagship product is RedOx+ for diabetics, but it has also been found to be helpful to people with arthritis, post-surgical recovery, and high blood pressure.  Please visit our human division at buyredox.com.

All products made by FDA certified labs.